General Education
In Brief About Us

Adlas for Training & Education is a leading company in the field of education specialized in providing services and learning solutions of high quality, based on the highest standards on local and international scales; numerous institutions in the state of both public and private sectors have benefited from these services, especially the Ministry of Education and a number of higher education institutions and universities.
Adlas works in partnership with the world's largest agencies with jurisdiction and publishers to provide the best services to ensure the progress of the sector level benefitting from these services. The services provided by Adlas focus on the complementarities between proven measurement methods and educational programs, professional development for teachers and educational leaders, and strategy development methodology for implementing effective programs.
Such services include Curriculum Development, Career Development, Technology: Infrastructure & Deployment, Enhancement of Performance service modules and consultations, and others. For that purpose, Adlas for Training & Education had established strategic partnerships with reputable institutions like Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, and Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd.

General and Higher Education
Adlas is a regional distributor of a number of prestigious publishing houses, including Oxford University Press, Hachette-Antoine, All Prints, Arab Scientific Publishers, and others
Adlas also co-works with these publishers on customizing different coursebooks tailored to client needs.

Elevating Education
 Adlas hires and partners with an elite group of national, regional, and global consultants to provide support, advice, and guidance to educational institutions in the Arab region, in order to help them fulfill their missions and pursuit their visions. 
Overview of involvement
Education in the Arab region has been witnessing rigorous moves toward internationalization, such moves have been supported by educational institutions in public and private sectors in the area, aspired to equip younger generations with contemporary and robust education aligned to international standards/practices.
In this context, Adlas had the honor to partner with Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd. to provide support in conducting its very first Universities Rankings for the Arab region in 2014.
Directed by QSIU, Adlas has the privilege to provide the Arab universities with continuous support about the rankings process, and draw on recommendations to enhance their performance around the year.
Adlas-QS liaising is a great opportunity for stakeholders to anticipate what challenges Arab universities face while they strive to ascend through the ranking scale; based on inferences drawn by decision makers at Arab universities, this liaison is ought to bring about tangible advancements towards better education of each individual in the communities involved.