What we offer
We offer Integrated and Tailored Solutions in Curriculum Development, Career Development, Educational Technology, and Quality Improvement
Whether you are a university, a school, or a training center.

Curriculum Development

Adlas works closely with the leaders of education in the Kingdom at the local level to help public and higher education institutions in the construction of study programs to public and higher school levels, which enhances the effectiveness of teaching and leadership capacity for the professionals in the field of education.
Adlas also works within protocols and agreements with the largest international publishing houses such as Pearson and Oxford University Press to take advantage of their expertise as developers to services and educational materials and enrichment material according to the needs of its customers through the design and adaptation of courses that serve the needs of each educational institution through tailored program design of their own.

Career Development

Adlas believes in comprehensive solutions for stronger and faster efficacy of any developmental efforts, starting from faculty training by offering abroad and on-campus workshops addressing their career-specific skills, career-prerequisite skills, must-have skills, and further elite skills like quality-development and study-abroad workshops.

Technology: Infrastructure & Deployment

Students as well are offered an opportunity to enhance their life at college and later their choice of career through the prominent English Language online teaching platform Linguavote, which aims at improving their English proficiency with minimal dependency on instructors or course books, through joining a community of English learners online, controlled and monitored for safe and purposeful usage.
Enhancing students choice of career is supported by the widely-demanded e-Counselor, which deploys the technology of artificial intelligence to analyse students scores and suggest at their Preparatory-Year level the best match of major to depict.

Enhancement of Performance

The university as a whole is offered the opportunity to improve its performance through a package of services and consultations provided by Adlas and QS, which help universities spot their strategic weaknesses and recommend them an action plan accordingly, with persistent support by Adlas ensuring coordination among all involved. These services include preparations to accreditation, strategic audit, research quality performance improvement, international partnerships, academic branding & promotion, and employer branding & promotion.