Linguavote is an English language learning website that students can access to learn and practise their English outside class – either at home or in the university’s self-access centres. So we envisage this as independent study, supplementary to what students are doing in class.
If you or your students have used learning management systems in the past you should find this a refreshing alternative. Unlike most other university e-learning products, Linguavote is designed to be fun to use,  relevant to teenagers and young adults who are familiar with using social networks and interacting with people online, and rewarding for students who are used to the gratification of using mobile apps.
It’s also designed to be easy to implement for your university, and for you as teachers. You won’t be expected to learn any complicated teacher tools because you won’t be assigning, reviewing, or assessing students’ work on the platform – which means you can focus on teaching without the burden of complicated homework administration.

The concept of Linguavote is different to the e-learning materials that come with modern coursebooks. Learning Management Systems work well as a “push” strategy; this is a term I have coined to mean that we push students into doing independent study by making it an assessed part of the curriculum – we therefore force them to do the work, which can result in resistance and disengagement from learning English.
Instead, Linguavote offers a “pull” strategy, encouraging students to engage in the e-learning by disguising learning outcomes and academic skills as opportunities for students to use the language they learn in an interesting way.
 We replace teacher-led appraisal with community-led appraisal and we encourage students to take control of their own learning – they decide how much effort they put in.