QS Intelligence Unit – Consulting Services
The QS Intelligence Unit (QSIU) offers one of the leading consulting operations specialising in higher education. We provide bespoke analysis and advisory services to assist universities in defining and advancing their performance against their own intended objectives. The team, combining QS internal expertise and a growing network of qualified external specialists is extremely versatile and can offer consulting and advisory services in a broad range of performance areas.
A university is a complex and multi-faceted institution and devising and implementing initiatives to change them is both challenging and fascinating. The performance of universities cannot be adequately captured through any ranking, rather rankings can be seen as a barometer for certain aspects of a universities performance. Furthermore, in reality all university rankings have a natural time lag, meaning that performance in rankings today, for better or worse, may be the result of leadership decisions made 3-5 years ago, in some cases longer still. As a result, QSIU keeps its rankings and primary research operation separate from its reporting and advisory operations and the consulting team decline any engagement focused specifically on improving an institution’s position in rankings, and the team of consultants neither work on, nor have influence over the compilation of the rankings.
Every institution is different, both in terms of their individual characteristics and their stage of development and as a result QSIU has delivered consulting in over a dozen distinctly defined areas and each offering is different. The offerings have been split into a selection of adaptive modules. Inevitably the scale, depth and duration of any given engagement is influenced by the number of modules undertaken and the depth and detail required by each specific client.

The engagement between QS Consulting and Adlas focuses on the following modules:

  • Pre-Rankings Participation
  • QS Stars
  • QS Training & Support
  • QS Academic Branding & Promotion
  • QS Consult - Online Impact Audit & Accelerator Strategy
Double Espresso:
  • QS Academic Branding & Promotion Lite
  • QS Stars
  • QS International Partnership Identification
  • QS Moveon International Partnership Management
  • QS Bespoke Employer Survey
  • QS Consult-Employability Startegy
Performance Improvement:
  • QS Benchmarking
  • Post-Rankings Participation
  • QS Consult-Strategic Review
  • QS Consult-Research Strategy